My own professional bread crumbs
and a journey in the personal development

2021 – Today

Product Design
lead UX/UI

  • Specialization in the comparison field & product performance – B2B, B2C:
    Market and user research, scratching ideas, UX wireframes & prototyping, pixel perfect UI.

  • Lead the UX/UI & marketing studio:
    Managing three designers and improved workflow within the studio and PMs.
    Reduced gaps between designers and devs.

  • Redesign, Performance & AB Testing:
    According to traffic, data and user testing I redesigned different components / pages
    to maximize performance and conversions.

  • Ownership and design UX/UI from scratch a fintech product for US users.
  • Ownership and design a B2B personalization product based on machine learning.
  • Built a Design System that will be used across the organization in over 30 websites.
  • Implement new tools and working methods with Figma, Zeplin, Invision.
  • Collaborate with: VP product, PMs, brand managers, SEO, PPC, biz dev, content, dev.

2020 – 2021
Amdocs – Freelance

Senior Product Designer & Consultant

  • My main role was to take ownership of 15 years old product
    and make its u
    ser experience smooth, easier and faster.
  • Research competitors and collecting inspiration.
  • Bringing life to the product with updated UI design according to the brand book.
  • Made a design system for every component including black mode.
  • Icons redesign
  • User research after launch.
  • Sprints – day by day collaboration with the dev manager and the PM.
  • QA

2017 – 2020
Elad Systems LTD (outsource)

Senior Product
Designer & Team Lead

  • Involved in all product life cycle & stages include strategy.
    From concept thinking to interactive wireframes through improvements with tight deadlines.
    Translated big data & research into beautifully-crafted usable products.
  • I worked on products like Dashboards, Mobile Apps & Responsive Websites.
    These products were made for Cloud Solutions, IoT, Cyber Security, E-commerce – B2B & B2C.
  • Collaborated with:
    PMs, Product Designers, UX Researchers, Analysts Developers, Marketing, Content, Marcom & Seo.
  • I Designed landing pages for marketing purposes for over a million potential customers that engage
    with these pages on a monthly bases.
  • Created a design system so all the products will have the same look and feel for use of in-house studio
    and other contractors.
  • As a team lead I guided the team working on the latest apps & plugins to build updated work methodologies.
    Mentored for creative thinking, time management & research for complex solutions.

2014 – 2017
Netcraft (outsource)

Senior Product Designer

  • Created responsive websites, dashboards, desktop and mobile apps for core products.
  • Conducted research before every project to insure best results.
  • Constantly followed UX/UI trends & lead designers in the world to stay informed
    for creating an updated brand book & GUI that match the client’s d.n.a

UI Designer

  • Created responsive websites, dashboards, desktop and mobile apps for core products.
  • Conducted research before every project to ensure the best results.
  • Redesigned the company’s responsive website (includes over 300 pages).
  • Designed landing pages for televised campaigns that were aired during primetime.
  • Redesigned personal area for customers’ use. As a result, the usage and the traffic have increased by 52%.

2008 – 2014
Ybcreative – Creative Studio

Owner & Art Director

  • From a freelance designer to a studio that provided e-commerce solutions, employing
    over 10 suppliers from various fields:
    Branding and concepts design, web sites, landing pages, front & back development, branding, pack-shot photography (for Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Facebook & Instagram), promotional videos, microcopy,
    SEO/PPC & social media pages.
  • I have written a guide for designers and developers who have tried to learn the fundamental rules of design and visual communication. This guide was distributed for non-profit but as a contribution to the community.

2008 – 2014
Real Colors – Print Design Studio

Senior Creative Designer

  • Designed brand books for leading companies in Israel.
  • Conceptual & creative designer for commercial needs.
  • Designed for pro conferences and complex printing products.
  • One-on-one meetings with customers to translate their needs & provide a perfect creative.

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